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Artist  :

 Anton Rodrigo

Song   :

 Issan Maguran





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iSsn mrN @l` v# @g`VvN

@M q#N aLl m`U l`b gNn@k` y`U

A n v#l udh @gqr

a# @n~nt @M q#N K@K

\w qhyK a krl` @qNnM

gNnv`q m# aK@K

vl@p` m`v a#< @L vdv

mm n$ yN@N @BgL

@KvL kr kr iN@N a# wv

ow`l @qNnq @MbL

@hT krlm vlV@V h`@G

@n~n` wrm gN@N

T@v v`yvW mt l#@bN@N

o@hl` v@g ay@gN@N

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Navindra Alponsu

Published on 10th of April 2004